I spent my childhood loving the low slung mountains and dogwood of Tennessee; now, in Minnesota, I love the bluffs and lakes.

I am drawn to poems that take a close look at the natural world, and I love to collect: field guides, diagrams, wildflowers, stones from the river. I'm also interested in the body and its workings, both as marvel and failure.

My lyric essay Nestuary was published by Ricochet Editions and launched at AWP in early 2014. This work seeks to interrogate what it means for a woman's body to be "successful" through examination of reportage, verse, and memoir. It's available for purchase through the Small Press Distribution Catalog as well as from the publisher and Amazon.

My chapbook, The Recent History of Middle Sand Lake, won the 2010 Astounding Beaty Ruffian Press Poetry Award, and takes a look at the journey my grandfather went on in the last years of his life, mired in Alzheimer's-but also about old love and a sense of place in that life and love.

My second chapbook, City of Bears, was published by dancing girl press in July of 2013. It's a sequence of poems that take a look at women's lives in relationship to the natural world. Bears, fish, horseshoe crabs, sharks, fish, moths, and bees are all a part of the landscape here. A fellow poet suggested it sounded as if these poems came from a biologist's field work. I adore this description.

My first full-length poetry collection, currently being shopped around with publishers, is a sequence of poems on (in)fertility, birth, and what it means to be a mother and a feminist.

My poems have appeared in various literary magazines, including The Collagist, Harpur Palate, Women's Studies Quarterly, WomenArts Quarterly, Berkeley Poetry Review, The Southampton Review, Permafrost, and Cold Mountain Review.

I completed an MFA at the University of Minnesota, where I also taught creative writing, composition, and literature.

I participated in the Mentor Series at the Loft Literary Center, where I have also taught.

I'm a part of the Caldera Poetry Collective, which is currently at work on a collaborative sequence of aubades. Members of the collective include Meryl DePasquale, Opal C. McCarthy, and Colleen Coyne.

On the first anniversary of my daughter's birth, I launched Balancing the Tide: Motherhood and the Arts | an Interview Project.

I edit poetry for Midway Journal.

Tinderbox Poetry Journal launches June 21st. We have some pretty amazing poems to share My partner in crime is Brett Elizabeth Jenkins.

I hope to study the art of letterpress more closely with my ancient Kelsey 5 x 8, and I've joined the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts' Core Certificate Program. Until I can create my own work, I am content having my poem "Harry Houdini" appear as a postcard broadside from Yes Press.

I live just along the Mississippi with my husband and menagerie, which currently includes one cat, two dogs, three fish, the occasional refugee wildlife. We also welcomed a daughter in January of 2011 and a son in February of 2013.

last updated: May 2014